It’s easy to customize covers to fit your personal needs.  Whether you have a unique sized dish, want to match your covers to your kitchen’s style or need to order a large quantity for your restaurant, we look forward to hear from you and work together to create something you will love.  To get started, fill out the form below and we will get back to you to start the process.  We can even turn your old, favorite T-shirt into a personalized cover!


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    Saving the environment, one cover at a time…
    Well Covered & Green
    Durango, Colorado

    “These covers are amazing!  I use them all of the time and I feel good that I am helping the environment.  I love the material and designs-they truly are a work of art!  My only question is “HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THEM??”

    Maria O.

    “I used to dread buying gifts year after year for the same people because I would always fall into buying the same types of things.  Now, I can’t wait for everyone’s birthday because I know EXACTLY what they will be getting!  It is so exciting to give a beautiful, useful and GREEN gift!  I know everyone will love them as much as I do!”

    Jason R.

    “These covers are great!  I loved the idea of them but loved them even more when I got my hands on them and started using them!”

    “I love not having to use plastic or foil.  The sizes are great and they wash and air dry easily!”

    Sarah S.

    “I love love love these covers!!!  But, I have to admit that when I first received the covers, my dilemma was “How do I store them?” Soon I realized that I could roll them up and tuck them into my (not so green) baggie/foil drawer.  Not only is it a convenient place for them to be, but it also reminds me to be green and break my habit of reaching for the plastic!”


    “These covers are practical and oh so beautiful!  When I open my refrigerator and I see them on my containers, they make me happy!”

    Molly F.

    Bought these last month at a festival and I LOVE them. We have already used all of them several times. We bought the round set to start. They wash very well and dry over night. The quality is excellent! They are much easier to handle then the plastic ones. and are, of course, much prettier!